Campaigns - Testing from the Learner's Point of View

Testing from the learner's point of view is an essential step before launching your campaign. This video will show you how it's done.

Campaigns - Testing from the Learner's Point of View

Testing from the learner's point of view is an essential step before launching your campaign. This video will show you how it's done.

Campaigns - Stats

Understand learner progress by viewing Stats in ConveYour Campaigns. Review progress with the Engagement Funnel or drill down into individual progress reports.

Campaigns - Will Campaign Content Be Visible to Late Joiners?

ConveYour handles latecomers in campaigns with custom messages and experiences. Keep everyone engaged with personalized content, even after a campaign starts.

Campaigns - Quick Message Blasts to Campaign Members

How to schedule and send a text message blast to campaign/course members using ConveYour automations.

Campaigns - Your Default Campaign

Reach out to new prospects or collect new contact information with the default community campaign in ConveYour, which catches any new incoming contacts.

Campaigns - Timing Options

Quick overview of setting timing options for campaigns. Set time zone, allowable days, plus course starting and ending dates.

Campaigns - Testing

Test your ConveYour content quickly and easily from within the Campaigns or Lesson Builder. Ensure your content is engaging and error-free before sharing it.

Campaigns - Registration and Confirmations

Set registration, confirmation, and welcome messages for your course/campaign in ConveYour. In Campaigns, this is called Registration & Confirmation.

Campaigns - Quickstart for Testing

Create a campaign quickly for testing. This is the minimum Campaign requirements that are needed to get a ConveYour Campaign up and running fast.

Campaigns - Learner Portal Setup

What the learner portal is, how your audience uses it, and a quick setup walk-through in ConveYour campaigns.

Campaigns - Landing Page

A simple landing page allows people to sign up for your campaign or course. See how the changes you make in setup affect the landing page on the front-end.

Campaigns - Invite Tools - Hashtag Method

Using the hashtag method to invite participants to your ConveYour campaign or course. All they need to self-enroll is a phone number and a hashtag!

Campaigns - Invite Tools - Embed Methods

Learn how to embed the invite widget into your HTML Pages. Inviting people directly from your website reduces the friction of acquiring users.

Campaigns - Content Part 2

Adding content to campaigns involves 5 basic steps: 1 . Choose content 2. Scheduling 3. Set content parameters 4. Add alerts 5. Release content

Campaigns - Content Part 1

Learn how to add content to your course/campaign, with a brief overview of the different types of content available.

Campaigns - Content - Passing Grade Feature

Implement a passing grade requirement in ConveYour lessons. Learn how to set it and utilize it for creating a group based on a Failed Lesson event.

Campaigns - Add Contacts or Learners to Your Campaign

Simplify adding contacts to ConveYour campaigns with our streamlined process. Effortlessly add learners to your courses for maximum impact.

Campaigns - Adding Information

Add descriptive information about your course or campaign in ConveYour campaign setup to help learners or participants understand your content.

Campaigns - A Getting Started First Steps Demo

Get started with your course/campaign setup in ConveYour. This video walks you through the first decisions in creating a new course, or campaign in ConveYour.

Campaigns - Statistics and Engagement

Track your campaign or course performance by monitoring engagement levels and viewing detailed statistics in ConveYour. Stay on top of learner progress.