Top Sales Training Courses in 2021 & 2022

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Andrew Baldis

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"ConveYour Presents - Top Sales Training Courses in 2021 and 2022"


In the world of sales training, there is no one "right way" to train your reps. Different methodologies and techniques work for different businesses, industries, and demographics. These factors can make finding appropriate sales courses for your team into a daunting process. Because there are so many companies with so many offerings, it is easy to get lost in the noise. That's why we here at ConveYour have assembled ten of the best online sales training courses, along with some key information about each. We did this to take some of the work out of finding that perfect training solution off your shoulders!

Young woman looking up something on her computerOur Criteria

As an online training platform ourselves, we have learned over the years what kind of content managers want to see from online sales courses. While compiling this list, here's what we sought to find out from each entry:

  • What skills are being developed by this training? Who is it for?

  • How much does training cost? Is it per user or enterprise?

  • How long does it take to go through the training?

  • Is the course mobile-friendly?

  • Can the course be licensed for use in other systems (such as ConveYour)?

Sales managers, don't think we forgot about you! Stick around to the end of the article for a couple of bonus selections specifically geared toward sales management training.

1. Sandler

Social Selling Success Online

Sandler logoPrice: $97 per user

Length: About 3 hours

Mobile: Yes

License: Planned, but not currently available.

Link: Social Selling Success Online Course

Social selling is a newer sales technique. It focuses on leveraging social media to boost customer referrals. This course on the topic is offered by Sandler Training, one of the most prolific and well-regarded training content providers in the world. Their online, self-guided Social Selling Course includes video lessons, scripts, and other resources. Its purpose is to train users about the full power of their social network in their selling. Again, the focus is on boosting referrals and closing more deals effectively. Sandler's approach looks at the behaviors, attitudes, and techniques used by today's top social sellers and breaks them down into four digestible lessons. Users enrolled in this course also receive a year of unlimited access to Sandler's e-learning library containing podcasts, newsletters. Learners also get eBooks to continue to boost your reps' sales profile.

2. JBarrows

Driving to Close for Teams

JBarrows Sales LogoPrice: Contact

Length: Three two-hour sessions over 1-2 weeks

Mobile: Yes

License: No

Link: Sales training for your team

JBarrows Sales Training was founded out of a desire to fulfill the need for formal training for the sales profession. They truly are one of the most academic training providers out there. Their Driving to Close course trains new reps on the full scope of the sales process, from sales prospecting to closing the deal. Their goal is arming sellers with the tools they need to be effective sellers. The virtual option is instructor-led and can accommodate three two-hour live sessions for teams of up to 30. The course also offers homework exercises, exams and certification, and a resource library subscription for all participants. This enables learners to guide their own development after the course is over.

3. GoSkills

Introduction to Sales: 8 Steps to Explode Your Sales

The GoSkills LogoPrice: $29 for individual (1-month membership), contact for team/enterprise pricing

Length: 16 hours

Mobile: Yes

License: No

Link: Sales Online Course | Training for Beginners - GoSkills

An easily-digestible course, perfectly tailored for training sales reps at the beginning of their journey with nearly everything your reps need out-of-the-box, GoSkills' Introduction to Sales Course has a lot to offer in a small package. It covers the full range of the sales experience in 31 bite-sized lesson modules. Reps will not only examine real-life examples and memorize scripts, but will also learn to master their emotions and attitudes in sales situations. This helps them to solidify their relationships with prospects. Additionally, if reps like the training they receive here, they can extend their membership with GoSkills and continue on to other courses seamlessly.

4. Harris Consulting

N.E.A.T. Selling Online Sales Training

The Harris Consulting Group LogoPrice: Contact for team pricing

Length: 5 weeks

Mobile: Yes

License: Yes

Link: N.E.A.T. Selling™ Online Sales Training

Richard Harris is a nationally respected sales expert and founder of Sales Hacker. He designed his 5-week course to transfer as much of his knowledge and experience to trainees as possible. The course, which can be done via Zoom. It begins with an eight hour training session to dig into these valuable skills, followed by 5 weeks of sessions with sales leadership for further guidance and reinforcement. This training is a great measure for businesses who want tactical, high-level sales training and personal guidance provided by a reputable professional.

A condensed, 3-hour, video-only version of this course is also available through a JBarrows Sales Training subscription.

5. RAIN Group

Foundations of Consultative Selling

Rain Group LogoPrice: Contact

Length: 9-12 hours

Mobile: Yes

License: Yes

Link: Consultative Selling | Sales Training Seminar | RAIN Group

A mere 26% of surveyed buyers say that sellers are effective in discovering their needs. Only 16% of buyers say they've seen a seller make a strong ROI case for a product.

RAIN Group's Foundations of Consultative Selling online course is designed to empower sales reps to beat those statistics. An internationally-renowned name in the online sales training space, RAIN's on-demand/self-guided course digs deep into the sales conversation. They are providing sellers the skills to excel in the areas that are most important to buyers. The training is designed to be modular, empowering management to utilize and arrange 70 different "blocks" to quickly customize their training.

6. Janek

Critical Selling Skills

Janek Performance Group LogoPrice: Contact

Length: 7 hours over two days

Mobile: No (under development)

License: Yes

Link: Critical Selling Skills | Janek Performance Group

Janek Performance Group's Critical Selling Skills course acknowledges that customers don't respond to standard product presentations the same way they used to. To counter this, JPG aims to arm today's sellers with the necessary skills to quickly build customer trust, inspire confidence, and drive to a powerful close. This course is designed for businesses who want their training comprehensive, customized, and with a high degree of structure. Training can be delivered to learners in a variety of ways - in classroom with an instructor, or blended training that incorporates self-paced e-learning. Janek's courses also offer Janek Expert, a gamification and reinforcement tool that ensures that the training sticks.

7. Mercuri

Essential Selling Skills

Mercuri InternationalPrice: Contact

Length: 4.5 hours

Mobile: Yes

License: Yes

Mercuri's Essential Selling Skills training courses is a lean, fast, yet dynamic entry in the online sales training landscape. Laying the groundwork for the full sales process from approach to close, the course has various topic modules which contain videos, quotes, poll questions, learning activities, and evaluations, all in a 4.5 hour online workshop. This course can be completed completely digitally and self-guided or with an online administrator. Mercuri's course is perfect for businesses who want their courses snappy, covering a lot of ground but still completable in a day.

8. PME

Selling Like a Pro

The PME LogoPrice: $79 per user

Length: 3 hours

Mobile: Yes

License: Yes

Link: MindEdge Course Catalog

Project Management Experts' Selling Like A Pro course is perfect for quickly and conveniently giving new sales reps a foundation upon which to build further training. Though its three-hour runtime is brief, this course works well for a business that needs to onboard a lot of new reps quickly, running through the basics of the sales process and making reps familiar with the language of sales, increasing the effectiveness of further training. This course is also notable for its low cost and flexibility, being compatible with all major devices as well as available for license on existing training platforms.

9. Baker

Referral Selling

Baker Communications logoPrice: Contact

Length: One day

Mobile: No

License: No

Link: Referral Selling

Anybody who has been in sales knows that referrals are key way to close more deals. New reps, though, historically have a hard time navigating the sometimes-uncomfortable referral conversation. This one-day training/workshop is specially designed to give sales reps the skills they need to deepen customer relationships and overcome the fear and awkwardness that can come with asking for a referral. This course is available either via virtual coaching or through access to Baker's e-learning library. While content licensing is not available, Baker's offering sets itself apart through its customization, modifying the course content and aesthetics to match clients.

10. Revenue Storm

Strategic Selling Done Virtually

Revenue Storm LogoPrice: Contact

Length: Half day

Mobile: No

License: No

Link: Selling Virtually | Sales Training | Revenue Storm

Today, more selling is conducted online than ever before. This trend isn't likely to reverse anytime soon, either. The reality of sales in 2021 is that at least some portion of the sales process is probably going to be conducted virtually.  This new landscape, like anything, comes with challenges and advantages that sales reps need to be prepared to manage. Revenue Storm's Strategic Selling Done Virtually course is a half day of live instruction, exercises, and breakout groups focused on getting the most out of an online-centric sales process. With the shift to online still relatively fresh, this course provides a great competitive advantage for your team.

Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mentions (For the Managers)

Sales Readiness Group - Sales Management Training

Price: $795/user (group rates available)

Length: Full day or two half days proctored, or online self-paced

Mobile: Yes

License: Yes

Link: Sales Management Training | Sales Readiness Group

The Sales Readiness Group's Sales Management Training is a great way to expose management to a wide variety of training types quickly. The customizable, all-in-one package course has assessments, video training, role-playing exercises, learning workshops, and more, all geared towards equipping management with the skills they need to level up from skilled managers to sales-driving, motivational coaches for your team.

The Richardson Group - Sales and Pipeline Management Training

Price: Contact

Length: Two four-hour online sessions

Mobile: No

License: No

Link: Sales Management & Forecasting Training Program | Richardson Sales Performance

The Richardson Group's hook for their Sales and Pipeline Management course is an emphasis on easily remembered and easy-to-repeat processes for managers to review their team's performance. Over two four-hour online facilitator-led sessions and four content modules, managers will learn how to evaluate sales pipelines, cultivate their team's skills, develop accurate sales forecasts, and establish a cadence for their management and leadership.

Ariel Training - Leading and Engaging Remote Teams

Price: $125/user

Length: 2-3 hours

Mobile: Yes

License: We reached out three times to discuss licensing, but have not heard back yet.

Link: Ariel

Now more than ever, sales managers are finding large portions of their jobs moved to a remote format. Even jobs that are "in-person" almost always still have a remote aspect to them. In this course from Ariel Training, managers will learn how to build rapport and trust with their teams, inspiring them and motivating them into success, unencumbered by the limitations of a remote workforce. In 2021, investing in management's remote work skills is an absolute must.