Peter Voogd: The Skills That Brought Me 7 Years of Double Digit Annual Growth

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Sales professional Peter Voogd on stage presenting in front of giant letters reading "SUCCESS"


How can you and your team be the most productive? It takes hard work and it takes the right skills. Then it takes motivation and dedication. Recently we sat down with Peter Voogd and discussed the ways in which a sales manager can encourage and motivate their team and themselves.

Peter is an entrepreneur, leader, personal coach and successful sales manager who has been leading his own team for 8 years. As a University of Oregon graduate, Peter started as a sales person himself and grew into a highly respected leader and sales manager. Peter's leadership has caused his organization to generate over $6 million in career sales.

We asked Peter to outline his advice for coaches. Here are the highlights:

Start Your Day Off Right

I start my day with sparking my mind with some type of personal growth or inspiration or gratitude.” I make sure that I have great energy so that my sales force will as well.

  • Starting your day the right way is the first step to getting anything done.

  • Start by energizing your mind and your body with exercise and inspiration.

  • Eat small meals throughout the day so you're not bogged down.

You Are Your Biggest Obstacle

I saw my results were suffering and realized that I was trying to change everything around me. I tried to change the others and My Company but I wasn’t changing myself.

  • Change yourself if success eludes you.

  • Don't try to change the world to suit you. You have to adjust to your surroundings.

Habits Matter

Having the Right Habits Puts You on the Right Track

“When I look back at all the amazing accomplishments and our record breaking weeks and months and even our record breaking years it's when I've shown up with intention and energy that my organization thrived.”

  • The right habits can make you a success and they can make you a better mentor.

  • “Successful people often aren't more talented, they just build good habits.”

  • Think smarter, not harder. Don’t waste time with efforts that don’t work.

  • Know your values. Your good values will help you make good decisions and work better.

  • “I develop precise habits that are congruent with who I am and what will help my business.”

Bad Habits Hurt You

Having the Wrong Habits Can Hurt

“If you have the wrong habits I think they’re going to kill you.”

  • Not getting your mind and body energized every day can slow you down.

  • Take the blame for your own mistakes and make changes to yourself.

Make The Right Plans

“I think if you don't have at least a six-month vision, minimum, you're going to be struggling in the current moment.”

  • “I make plans for every day, month and year. You need to make sure that you have a set schedule of what you want to accomplish.”

  • “I always have a list of the top five things I want to accomplish this year and if I finish those I'm doing really good.”

Make Your Team Productive

I make sure “I have my priorities straight. My time is in line, my intentions are correct so I can then get back for them and make sure they are correct.”

  • Make sure that you’re prepared for the day so you can get your team prepared as well.

  • “I make sure all my leaders are engaged with and talked to and everybody in my organization has intention with all they do.”

Engage Leaders Daily

“I make sure that all the people that I work with know the main focus of their day, their week, their month and the job.”

  • I “Make sure that they know what they’re supposed to do that day and what the outcome should be.”

  • I ask about what they expect and what they hope to accomplish in the coming day/week/month/year.

  • Help your people to set realistic goals that will help them achieve their potential.

Protect Your Team's Time

Teach Your Team to Protect Their Time

Making your team feel valued makes them work better. “Teach them how to be more effective and efficient.” If you build them up they will see themselves as more effective. They will then guard their time and work more efficiently, and they're going to produce more.”

  • Make sure you protect your time and they will follow suit.

  • Make your team accountable for their own goals and objectives and help them succeed.

  • Keep your team on track based on your standards and their goals by talking daily.

Manage Today's Young Leaders

Millennials are easier to manage. If you are authentic and genuinely have their best interests in mind that's when they're going to thrive. “I think they're the best ones to work with if you know how to work with them.”

  • The past few years have seen some changes in the way that sales managing works.

  • People demand respect so make sure that you're giving it to them.

  • “If you want to attract the good people then you must lead them versus manage them.”


Peter’s goal as a sales manager has always been to motivate his team. He wanted to be able to help others to achieve their great potential and to be inspired and has spent his entire career working to achieve that goal and help others achieve it as well. In summary Peter’s formula for success is helping your team to get motivated and energized and then making sure you create a bond between your goals and theirs.

Peter can be reached through his website: Please visit to learn more about how he can help you and your team.