How to Embed Jotform Into Your ConveYour Lessons

Andrew Baldis

Content Contributor
ConveYour X Jotform

Jotform is a powerful online forms system used by a wide range of businesses, and it integrates fantastically with your ConveYour system. In this article, we will quickly break down the steps towards getting your existing Jotform account integrated into your ConveYour learner portal.

Jotform Vs. ConveYour’s Update Learner Profile Tool

Did you know that ConveYour has its own tool for collecting and updating learner information? If you are using Jotform to collect static information like name, contact info, employee feedback, etc., we recommend using ConveYour’s Update Learner Profile tool. This is especially useful if the information you are collecting is just going to be pushed back into ConveYour anyway - no Jotform integration required.

We understand that many businesses use Jotform for transient information or intend to use learner data beyond the scope of ConveYour, and this Jotform integration tutorial is for you! Follow the simple steps below to integrate and embed your Jotform forms into your ConveYour learner portal. You can also click here to view our official documentation for this integration.

How to Embed Jotform Into Your ConveYour Lessons

1. Retrieve your Form ID. You can get this from your Jotform document under Publish. See Jotform’s documentation here if you need more information on this.

2. In ConveYour, create a Jotform Lesson Item and paste your Form ID into it.

3. Set up Jotform keys and values to pre-fill information specific to your learner. Use {{ }} brackets to link ConveYour fields to fields in your Jotform.

4. To customize the key names in your form, go to that field on your Jotform, and click on Settings, then Advanced, then Field Details. We recommend using a short and distinctive name to prevent confusion.

5. Not all ConveYour contact fields are exposed for this Jotform integration by default. This is for security purposes. If you need additional ConveYour fields exposed for your Jotform, please reach out to [email protected] so we can get you set up.

…and that’s it! If you’ve followed these steps correctly, your Jotform will now be embedded into your ConveYour Lesson. Repeat this process for any other Lessons as needed.