Get Your Reps To Sign Agreements Faster With SignWell

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Andrew Baldis

Content Contributor
"ConveYour x Signwell" on a blue-green background.

Get your reps to sign their work agreements faster with the power of ConveYour’s SignWell integration! Once set up, you can direct your learners to sign agreements directly within their ConveYour learner portal - no separate email or browser windows are required! This simple integration can take the hassle out of getting important documents taken care of while creating a seamless onboarding experience for every member of your team.

Here’s a quick look at just how seamless your SignWell integration can be…

  1. A rep sees a new Lesson available, called “Sign Agreement.”
    The ConveYour learner portal with one lesson available, called

  2. When they click in, they are taken to a video overview explaining how they can complete the document from within the portal.
    A video in a ConveYour lesson that shows how to sign documents in ConveYour with SignWell

  3. Their SignWell document is then opened in the portal, allowing your rep to sign immediately.
    A SignWell document opened in the ConveYour portal, ready to be signed and submitted.

  4. With their agreement signed, the rep can continue on to other Lessons in ConveYour.
    A menu in ConveYour that says

…And that’s it! You can make completing SignWell documents that simple for your team. Want to learn more about how to set up your SignWell agreement? Check out our help documentation, or watch this video for a walkthrough: