Boost Your Sales: Break the Seasonal Amnesia Cycle

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"How to BEAT" Seasonal Amnesia - ConveYour"


In the fast-paced world of direct sales, it's common for organizations to suffer from "season-to-season amnesia." They forget some of the lessons and experiences gained between the current season and the next one. It makes sales season feel kind of like one of those bustling seasonal restaurants in a vacation town - every summer it's the same mediocre experience but everybody keeps coming back year after year. That's not the dynamic you want to have with your moneymaking sales season!

Seasonal Amnesia in Direct Sales Organizations

The ConveYour team has significant experience with the direct sales world, and we understand how seasonal business can be. Many do a majority of their selling during just the summer months. With this business cycle, there is little time to test and implement changes to your process. When things really get busy, communication and documentation can go by the wayside. It's easy to just focus on just getting through that stage, but reverting to the same old methods carries a cost. Namely, you won't adapt to a changing environment, and growth and innovation become stifled.

Documenting Experiences for Success

How do we beat seasonal amnesia then? The answer might sound uncomfortable, but it's necessary: document everything. Record your wins and losses - successful promotions, avoidable mistakes, all of it. Develop a repository of information that you can look back on with certainty once your busy season begins winding down. Encourage your team to do the same so they can compare notes. Make it as painless as possible - encourage on-the-fly note taking, audio recordings, screenshots - whatever it takes to develop a culture of documentation in your company.

The Power of High Fidelity

With your repository of notes from the busy season fully established, you'll be amazed at how much clarity you will have during the off season. Having detailed, accurate records empowers direct sales companies to make informed decisions based on past experiences and real data. Every new season brings priority shifts and changes in personnel, but your documented information will be your compass and starting point. With the busy season behind you, you now have a competitive edge as you plan for the next cycle.