More Video Flexibility with ConveYour - 4 Key Video Options

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Some learning management systems don't offer a lot of flexibility in terms of how I want to deliver video to learners. For some, I have to upload the video, and the LMS platform hosts and embeds it. For others, I can include the link of a video hosted on video platforms like YouTube or Vimeo, but it's not always clear if my intellectual property is protected.

With ConveYour, I have found that I have more options available to me on where I host the videos and how I present them. Here are the 4 most notable video options:

  1. Custom Start and Stops. One valuable option ConveYour offers is the ability to control how much of a video is shown to the learner. I can show only a section of a video using the custom start and stop range slider. This allows me to focus in on a specific moment if I need to make a point for the learner. Convert a long lecture into a fun, short, micro-learning moment.

  2. Focus Learner Attention. I can also select whether or not I want to showcase the video by itself - to focus full learner attention to the video - or if I want it to be shown on a the same page with some context.

  3. Protect Intellectual Property. Some of the content I work with contains proprietary information that I don't want readily available for public consumption. Hosting private video with hosts like Wistia, Vimeo, or Sprout ensure that my videos are not searchable - yet I can still embed them in ConveYour lessons.

  4. Encourage Completion. If I want to ensure they complete a video lesson - and watch a video in its entirety before moving forward - I can make the video a requirement by setting it to a "must watch" video. "Must watch" videos are very valuable for employee development compliance training.


Ease and Flexibility for the Content Creator

So what? Really? This puts the content creator in the driver's seat! I don't have to rely on a team of engineers to "have it my way". The lessons system is very intuitive and with the new video controls in place, I have multiple ways to deliver video content that better serves the learners.

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