Updates: December 2021

December 9, 2021
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Happy Holidays from the ConveYour Team! Here are our updates for December 2021!

We now offer TypeForm Integration for Lessons, Must Listen for Audio Lessons, Passing Grades in Campaigns, and an improvement to Date Field navigation!

These updates will:

  1. Allow embedding of forms in your Lessons (Typeform)
  2. Prevent learners from skipping important Audio content (Must Listen)
  3. Enable you to limit learners progress in a Campaign (Passing Grades)
  4. Select dates much quicker (improvement to Date Field navigation)

If you don't have time to read this entire article, check out the overview video at the top of this blog πŸ‘†.


1. Typeform Integration

Now you can integrate Typeform with ConveYour Lessons. To utilize Typeform, simply navigate to your Lessons area. Then look for Typeform in your left menu of Lesson Items. Drag it into your ConveYour canvas area.

Drag and drop Typeform lesson items

Once you have added a Typeform Lesson Item, navigate to your Typeform document and find your form ID. This ID is the string of letters and numbers that typically follows the word "form/" in your URL (see image below πŸ‘‡ for the an example).

When you have your ID, copy it, and paste it into the box labelled "Form ID". You can customize your button text and your success message too!

Finally, if you want to pass learner information into Typeform, you can use the "Key" and "Value"Β boxes to add customized info.


2. Must Listen

Want to guarantee that your learners listen to your entire podcast or audio content? Simply drag an Audio Lesson Item onto your Lesson canvas. Then select "Must listen" to be sure your learners don't skip over your important material!


3. Passing Grades

Need to make sure your learners are actually learning? Passing Grades will allow you to set a minimum grade requirement for Lesson Triggers inside your Campaigns.

After you've navigated to your campaign and selected the Lesson Trigger that needs a minimum passing grade, follow these steps (see the gif below πŸ‘‡):

  1. Click the Checkbox next to "Passing Grade Required"
  2. Enter the minimum grade for your learner to pass
  3. Customize your "Failed"Β message
  4. If you want a work-friendly, fail GIF to be embedded, select the "Failure GIF Image" box


4. Improvements to Date Fields

So we noticed that it was not the easiest thing to select a date from a Date Field. You used to have to scroll through months and months in order to get to a certain date.


Now you simply select the "Month" at the top of the Date popup window. Then select the year or the month you need. Select your specific day, and you're golden!

Check out how quickly you can navigate by looking at the GIF below πŸ‘‡!



Thanks for taking the time to read about our updates! We sure hope you have an amazing Holiday Season!

As always, if you have any questions or need any assistance, let us know by reaching out to us at Support@ConveYour.com!


The ConveYour Team

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