Two NEW Product Updates - March 2022

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Andrew Baldis

Content Contributor
"ConveYour Updates: March 2022"

Two NEW Updates to the Challenge Questions Format in ConveYour

(Prefer to watch a video of these updates? Click here 📺 )

We are pleased to announce that we have made some much-requested updates to our Challenge Questions format, enriching the learner experience by allowing for more than one correct answer on multiple choice questions.

Multiple Correct Answers in a Challenge Question

We have finally implemented the ability to designate multiple answers in your challenge questions as correct.

When editing a lesson in your ConveYour account, the option is now available to designate multiple answers as the “correct” answer when designing challenge questions.

ConveYour's Edit Lesson menu showing multiple correct possible answerYou can specify the point value for your challenge questions, the same way as you always have. ConveYour will automatically take the total point value for your question and divide it evenly amongst all of the eligible correct answers.

The ConveYour user portal with multiple correct answers selected

Have Learners Submit All Possible Answers All At Once

This update to Challenge Questions also introduces the “Single Submission” option. When this option is checked, learners will have to select all of their possible answers before pressing the “submit” button, and then all of their selections will be graded at once. This prevents learners from weeding out the correct answer by just guessing until they get it right.

The The ConveYour user portal with single submission activated.