Three Stellar Updates (And Next Quarter's Product Teasers)

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"ConveYour Now Integrated With Unsplash"


We have so many clients who are creating stellar content because it is so simple to do in ConveYour! To make this easier we have added:

1. Unsplash Integration

2. Lesson Page Updates (Folders inside Inception!)

3. Navigation Improvement on the Settings Page

These three updates were rolled out in order to assist our users in ways that cut costs (from third party applications) and enable the creative creation of content! For your benefit, here are the latest stellar updates we've deployed...

Update 1

Find and use quality images with Unsplash Integration

Three struggles of using imagery in content creation are continually having to be creative, copyright issues, and the constant cost of purchasing stock images.

Well struggle no more! We now have Unsplash integration baked into ConveYour!A sticker with a camera logo and the Unsplash logoWhat's Unsplash?

Only one of the most awesomely amazing art gallery websites ON.THE.PLANET.  They offer FREE downloadable images in order to help photographers/artists get the exposure they need to launch 🚀 their careers.  And now Unsplash allows other sites to utilize their killer service!

So we implemented this ingenious integration into ConveYour...JUST FOR YOU!

To see how our Unsplash Integration works, check out this two minute video:

Update 2

Easier Lesson Organization

A few weeks ago we released drag'n'drop lessons to make it easier to re-order your lessons and add them to folders. As of this moment we also have drag'n'drop FOLDERS...and do you know what that means? Now you can drop folders INTO OTHER FOLDERS!  And you can bury those folders as deep as you want by putting folders inside of folders inside of folders!

Folders in folders in folders?  What is this, Christopher Nolan's critically acclaimed 2010 blockbuster film, Inception?A still from the movie And in case you didn't know, you can share Lesson Folders to any Group you want! These Lessons Folders show up in the learner portal (see gif below 👇!)

A GIF showing the lesson folders in the ConveYour learner portal And that's not all!

Two other updates to the Lessons page that we've pushed are:

  • Filter by Creator, and

  • Archived Lessons Folder

With Filter by Creator, we give users the ability to view lessons and folders based on the user who created them.  And you'll never accidentally delete another lesson or folder again since we now implement an Archived Lessons Folder!

To see how our new Lessons Page works, check out this five minute video:

Update 3

Redesigned Settings

Our final update was done to the Settings page!  The new layout is cleaner and much more intuitive. This simplicity will allow you to spend less time scratching your head and more time getting your users situated!

To see the new layout, check out this gif 👇, or login to your ConveYour account!

A GIF showing the new ConveYour settings page

Future Updates

In the coming weeks/months, we will be releasing an update to Groups and Reports. Also, we will be launching a new feature that will improve how you work with your other admins...Teams.


You—our customers and clients mean everything to us! Your input is essential to yours and our success. We are dead set on pushing updates that allow you to better manage your content and your people.

Let us know how these product updates are helping you kill it out there!

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