Quickly Update Tons of Contact Records In ConveYour

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Andrew Baldis

Content Contributor
"How To Update Tons of Contacts in ConveYour" title card.

How To Update Tons of Contacts Instantly

It feels great to have your entire team added into ConveYour, but it can be a challenge to keep their information up-to-date. At some point, you will probably find yourself with the need to update a big group of contacts at once - maybe there is a new category of information you’ve started tracking (like phone number) or maybe a lot of your team has changed addresses and you have a list of the new ones. We don’t want you to have to deal with going into each contact’s record one-by-one and manually updating that information, so the ConveYour team has created a QUICK guide to updating TONS of contact records all at once!

The Goal:

Update a large amount of contact information quickly.

The Plan:

To make sure your information stays accurate, we will export your current contacts, add the information to the exported file, and then re-import your contacts with their new information.

How It’s Done:

  1. Navigate to your Groups menu in ConveYour and create a new Contact Group.

  2. Use ConveYour’s Group filtering options to narrow down your contacts to only the ones you want to edit For example, showing only Contacts who don’t already have a phone number entered, or who were created after a certain date.
    The ConveYour Groups menu, with the filtering options open.

  3. Confirm that the selected contacts have email addresses entered - this will prevent any duplicate contacts from being created.

  4. After creating and saving your Group, click on the Export Contacts button. Choose to ONLY export first name, last name, email, and mobile.
    The Export Contacts menu in ConveYour with

  5. Open the exported document and add the necessary information for each contact’s row on the table. Note: No two ConveYour contacts should have the same phone number or email address.
    Two contacts from the ConveYour Contact information CSV file. The mobile number fields have been filled out.

  6. Save your updated document as a .csv file and return to ConveYour.

  7. Under the Contacts menu, click Import Contacts → Upload CSV → Select File, locate your Contact document, and click Upload.
    The contact upload screen in ConveYour, with a file called No Mobile Number selected for upload.

  8. As long as you exported your contacts from ConveYour in step 4, the first name, last name, mobile, and email fields will be recognized by ConveYour automatically.

  9. Click on Next, apply any tags if needed, and then click Finish Import.

…and you’re done! By exporting your ConveYour contacts to a list, quickly adding all the updated information, and then re-importing that list, you’ve saved tons of time and manual work while updating tons of contacts in the process!