Introducing Portrait Mode Video in ConveYour!

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Andrew Baldis

Content Contributor
"ConveYour Updates May 2022" With a video in portrait mode.

Introducing Portrait Mode Video in ConveYour!

Long gone are the days of 16:9 being the only aspect ratio in the game for your video content. These days everybody is watching videos on their cell phones, and portrait-mode video is slowly becoming the new standard. Our training platform has the bulk of its users logging in from their mobile devices. This is why ConveYour is thrilled to announce that we now fully support native portrait video content through our training portal.

Portrait is King

Young man taking a selfie in portrait mode Did you know that there are a variety of benefits associated with portrait-oriented video content? Studies have shown that adapting video advertising to be mobile-friendly in this way leads to increased customer engagement and higher processing fluency. In the world of marketing, this means customers are more likely to watch the video content and potentially convert to a sale.

It may not be intuitive, but think about it - how do you hold your phone all day? Studies have indicated that users hold their phones vertically over 95% of the time. Additionally, so much mobile content is dispersed through social media, which also operates in portrait orientation. More content than ever overall is being consumed on mobile devices. By utilizing portrait oriented video, you are acknowledging this reality and giving your users an smooth experience by tailoring it to them and their preferences. Of course this would result in higher engagement! So we ask...

Why shouldn’t these benefits also apply to your training content?

After all, when onboarding new employees, training has to essentially “sell” the job to the new recruits. The more engaged they are during training the more likely they are to understand, “buy” into, and flourish in their role. This can reduce both turnover and time spent re-training.

How Is It Done?

The Support for mobile-friendly portrait mode video has been added to ConveYour through an extremely simple dropdown menu.

Simply upload the video that you wish to add to your online training course, and then use the dropdown to select your aspect ratio of choice. Available options include standard 16:9, 4:5 mobile, 1:1 mobile square, and 9:16 mobile portrait.

The dropdown menu in ConveYour which lets you select your video's aspect ratio. Optimizing your video aspect ratio with the user’s experience in mind is a powerful resource, and we at ConveYour are thrilled to help you take you and your team’s training content to the next level.