Introducing ConveYour Teams!

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"ConveYour - New Feature" Teams!

Introducing ConveYour Teams!

The ConveYour crew introduces our newest feature: ConveYour Teams! This feature allows you to silo your account contacts into different teams, making it easier to track and assign work to the right person or group. A couple of our accounts are already using (and loving!) Teams in their ConveYour accounts, and we’re excited to share THREE great ways that Teams has helped their work process.

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A Better Texting Experience

Graphical image of two people sending text messagesNormally, each user on a ConveYour account is assigned their own texting number. This allows managers to have a direct line of contact to their reps, but what if you need one unified number that any manager can utilize? That’s where Teams comes in. An upgrade to ConveYour Teams allows you to give your reps one single texting experience that minimizes confusion and streamlines communication, no matter how many reps you are in contact with - no number swapping required.

Improved Content Gating

A screenshot of ConveYour's
ConveYour Teams helps you to decide who gets to view what. This allows each team to only view content that is assigned to them. Your marketing team doesn’t have to filter through content from your sales team, for example. Their views can be entirely separate.

Teams gives you flexibility with user permissions as well, allowing you to determine who is able to create, edit, and schedule Lessons and Campaigns in your ConveYour account. Have a user who is in charge of scheduling content, but doesn’t get involved in actual content creation? You can grant them access to Campaigns while restricting them from editing Lessons, keeping everybody on track.

Clean Up Your Content for Your Management Team

These features are all very helpful for the users on your account, but what about your admins who have access to everything? GOOD NEWS! Teams makes it easy for admins to switch between all of the Teams on your ConveYour account. Doing so will filter the available Lessons, Campaigns, etc. down to only those viewable by the respective Team. The Teams toggle on the ConveYour toolbar lets you change your Team view on the fly.

In Conclusion

ConveYour Teams has been slowly rolled out to a couple of accounts so far, and the reviews are clear: Teams makes managing your ConveYour account even easier by creating a streamlined texting support experience, improving content gating and access, and letting system admins sort through ConveYour content with the click of a button. If this sounds like something your business could benefit from, you can CLICK HERE to schedule a quick demo.

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