How to Connect Stripe to your ConveYour Account

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Andrew Baldis

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Stripe is a software company and payment processing platform that can integrate seamlessly into ConveYour. It's pretty simple to set up, too! Below, we'll take you through each step of getting this integration set up. Please note that you will want to make sure you are familiar with the Stripe platform and its documentation before starting.

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An animated GIF of the ConveYour Integrations menu, selecting Stripe from the list.

1. In ConveYour, navigate to Settings - Integrations - Stripe - Connect.

2. Stripe will ask you to enter your login information or create a new account directly from the pop-up module.
The Stripe Integration in ConveYour once complete, which shows the connected account and provides a Stripe Webhook URL.

3. Once you’re logged in, you will be directed to a page with your Stripe Webhook URL. Click on the Copy button to copy the URL to your clipboard.

4. Go to Stripe and log in to the account that you want to connect to ConveYour.

5. Click the Developers button in the top right corner and navigate to the Webhooks tab.
An animated GIF of the Stripe webpage, selecting the Webhooks menu and adding the URL to the endpoint.

6. Click Add an Endpoint and paste the Webhook URL you were provided in step three into the Endpoint URL field.
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7. Select Listen to Events On Your Account.

8. Under Select Events, click Select All Events.

9. With the integration set up, you are now free to set up your Products and Coupons in Stripe.

NOTE: Stripe has its own requirements and documentation. Familiarity with the Stripe platform will allow you to make the most out of this integration, and is highly recommended. Here is a link to their documentation site.

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