How To Add ConveYour To Your Phone's Home Screen (And Why You Should!)

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Andrew Baldis

Content Contributor
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Did you know that on iOS devices, you can save ConveYour to your home screen, where it will live alongside all your other apps? You don't even need to install anything - you can create what is called a Progressive Web Application (PWA) for your ConveYour system in an instant using Apple's Safari web browser.

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Why Do I Need a PWA?

Using ConveYour's PWA is not at all required to use the ConveYour system, but there are advantages to having the progressive app loaded onto your device.

  • Installation - There is no installation necessary to add a ConveYour web app to your home screen. All you need is a Safari bookmark.

  • Functionality - PWAs work better in areas of poor service thanks to their ability to cache your data directly on your device.

  • Speed - Web apps loaded into an iOS device load much faster than when opened in a browser.

  • Focus - Giving ConveYour a dedicated space on your device's screen will keep your training experience from slipping through the cracks.

  • Customization - We think the ConveYour logo looks great on your home screen, but with Progressive Web Apps you can change the icon to anything you want!

How Do I Get It?

That's the easy part! You can add the ConveYour Web App to your home screen by following these simple steps:

1. Use Safari on your iOS device to log into your ConveYour account.

2. Open the Safari Options menu.The ConveYour home menu on the Safari browser for iPhone. An arrow is pointing to the options menu. 3. Scroll down and select the "Add to Home Screen" option.The Options menu on Safari for iPhone. The button 4. Customize the app name and logo if you like, and then click "Add."The

...and that's it! If you've followed the steps above, you should have a ConveYour logo added to your home screen right alongside all your other favorite apps. Now, you get to take advantage of all the speed, functionality, and customization benefits that come with using our web app!The ConveYour Progressive Web App on an iPhone home screen with an arrow pointing to it.

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