Easily Recruit to Your ConveYour Courses with Hashtags

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Andrew Baldis

Content Contributor
"Recruit to ConveYour Campaigns Using Hashtags" with a picture of a #hashtag

We’ve all seen those ads that say something along the lines of, “text HELLO to 55504 to get the latest updates from our company.” Did you know that you can do something just like this for your learners in ConveYour? Imagine how simple it would be for learners to enroll in your courses by sending a simple hashtag to a specified number. Well, you can do exactly that!

It starts with your learners sending a simple text message to a phone number that you provide to them. In this example, you can see that sending #michaelscott to the ConveYour phone number gives the learner a link to Dunder Mifflin’s “Somehow I Manage” course.

A text exchange on an iPhone - the user texted a ConveYour phone number with Since they’ve just entered your ConveYour Campaign for the first time, their name will not be filled out. Your learner can provide this information at any time, or you can set up the Campaign itself to prompt them for this information.

The Contact Settings field in the ConveYour learner portal.In the image below, you can see that this particular Campaign’s first lesson is “Who Are You?” This lesson prompts the learner to provide identifying information. Once they’ve finished “Who Are You?” they will be given access to the rest of the course.

The ConveYour learner portal, with one lesson available called …and that’s it! It’s that simple. Once your learner has filled in their information, they are officially added into your ConveYour system and their information will be available in your ConveYour Contacts as well.

Video Walkthrough of Setup

Here's a video showing you how the YouTube Short video above was created.