ConveYour's New User Interface

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"ConveYour's More Intuitive and Efficient User Interface"


The ConveYour team has always been committed to providing outstanding experiences for customers on our platform. With each update we strive to make our software both more powerful and more intuitive. In keeping with this, we are thrilled to introduce our BRAND NEW redesigned user interface! Have a look around, we think you’re going to like what you see.

What's New?

The ConveYour HomepageSo glad you asked!

First and foremost, we refreshed the look of the user interface to streamline and clarify your essential notifications right when you first log in. You’ll be able to see your Contacts, Campaigns, Lessons, and New Conversations right away.

We also redesigned the menu bar on the left side of the screen. As you hover over each menu item, a bubble will tell you what each one is. In addition, we added a Help, Support, and Logout buttons to the left-side menu.


The ConveYour Contacts menuOur Contacts page has received a major facelift. The cleaned-up layout makes it easier than ever to access contact information. It’s also easier than ever to add new contacts, with the upgraded New Contact button, as well as Import Contacts, which allows you to upload your own CSV file to quickly add a lot of contacts at once. The contact pages themselves are largely the same, just better looking.

The contact page for Angela Jackson in ConveYourGroups

One of ConveYour’s signature features is the ability to make dynamic groups of contacts. This can be done through a variety of different factors, either by profile values (office, location, position) or by activities (who joined a campaign, when they joined, when they performed a certain activity).

The On the old user interface, this could be accomplished through utilizing much-too-long ID numbers. Now, if you want to make a group based on a certain parameter, all you need to know is the name of that parameter and you’ll be good to go!


One of the best things about this new update is the fact that these improvements have been integrated into both the desktop AND mobile interface. The new interface looks like a dream on your mobile device, and the updates that we’ve incorporated make it easer than ever to jump in from your phone and start sending messages through ConveYour straight away.

This was important to us as we have always envisioned ConveYour to work seamlessly across all devices.

The side command menu on the ConveYour mobile interfaceReceiving a notification on ConveYour mobile, tapping it, and going straight to the conversation.

How Do I Get It?

Where Can I Get This Dreamy New UI?

Great news! Accessing the new ConveYour interface is a snap. You can either contact us at [email protected] to switch the interface on for you, or you can simply add “/ui” after the “.com” on your URL bar and you will be automatically directed. We will be rolling this out for everybody later this month, so it’s a good idea to start transitioning now. We think you’ll like it!