L e s s o n s

The Sweet Spot for Microlearning Creation

Do you enjoy dealing with the ponderous production process that comes with trying to build engaging, interactive training? We didn't think so! The worst e-learning experience is the one that doesn't ship! Or worse, the one you spent a ton of budget on only to ship it after business processes have already changed, sigh. 

Lessons lets you create within that sweet spot where you are comfortable telling a story but you have the option to pepper in interactivity where it makes sense! Drag, sort, change, play, and preview to your ❤️'s content. There are no sharp corners here. Just smiles and "heck yeahs"!

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Ten Interactive Formats

In this fruit-fly attention span world we live in today, a block of text and a 15 minute video is not going to cut it. Let us help you turn that compliance course from a yawn-fest to something that makes your people sit up in their seats.

With Lessons you have ten different interactive microlearning formats with optional scoring for gamification. There are easy to setup formats for knowledge reinforcement and behavioral change as well as consensus and idea gathering. More formats are being developed all the time.

Exceptional Video Support

Vimeo, Wistia, Youtube Video Support

Include videos from Wistia, Vimeo, Youtube, SproutVideo and many others.

Turn any video into a microlearning lesson regardless of video size! Play the first 10 minutes, show a quiz, play minutes 10 to 15, rinse & repeat.

Ridiculously Easy File Sharing

Add images, PDF's, powerpoints, spreadsheets and many other file formats to your lessons. Learners can view any file right inside their Learner Gateway or they can download them to their device. 

Embed Virtually Anything

Embed all the things! Slides from Speaker Deck or Slideshare, audio from SoundCloud, web articles, tweets, Vidyard GoVideos, code snippets - these are just a few examples. It's so easy. Just drop in the URL.

Part of Your Next Microlearning Platform

Lessons is just one part of a bigger platform.
Bundle and release your lessons in ConveYour courses and drip campaigns.

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