ConveYour for Enterprise

Creating an everyday learning culture starts with making learner engagement paramount. Most enterprise LMS software puts the focus first on learning "management".

If you don’t have ongoing learner engagement and learner trust, what is there to manage really? Are you making learning management decisions based of an outdated course with a 38% completion rate?

What if you were getting 75-100% course completion rates? What if you could serve up highly relevant, fun, sticky courses that your employees raved about and create these courses in days rather than weeks or months?

This is where ConveYour will be different for you. You will be able to cut through the ponderous course production that plagues enterprises, unshackling your team’s ability to keep training information fresh and fun! You’ll start spending less time “managing” people through courses and more time launching & iterating on great content.

ConveYour for Enterprise

Are you managing or engaging?

LMS - Learning MANAGEMENT System
  • Old-guard user experience
  • Built to give information
  • Built for PC’s only
  • Sends email notifications
  • Must highly produce videos
  • Difficult to build and update content
  • Low completion unless forced
  • Ineffective & difficult gamification
  • Costs prohibit widespread real-time use
  • Built for the leader not the learner
  • Setup for large pieces of content
  • Difficult integrations
  • LES - Learning ENGAGEMENT System
  • Modern user experience
  • Built to engage people to learn & implement
  • Built for mobile but works on everything
  • Sends SMS & email notifications
  • Simple production keeps you relevant
  • Easy to build and adjust content internally
  • 75-100% completion even when optional
  • Gamification hitting human achievement drive
  • Low cost and easy implementation
  • Built for learner but has management tools
  • Setup for micro content but can take larger
  • Easily integrate with your LMS and other tech
  • No red tape.
    Just green lights from here.

    So you find a software product you are really excited about only to get mired in the red tape of pricing, security, onboarding, and contracts. Does this sound familar?

    We've taken care of the boring stuff so you can fly through legal, security, and procurement.

    Simple Pricing

    Pricing that you can understand, gives you a budget win, and makes you smile.

    Easy to Implement

    A tightly integrated course authoring and lesson delivery experience you'll pick up in minutes.

    Easy to Integrate

    Integrations that will make everyone from your CLO to the IT team happy.

    Vigilant Security

    Your data and system is secure. Our security team has decades of experience and is constantly improving our security policies.

    ConveYour also uses to monitor and block security threats.
    Flexible Contracts

    Do you already have a signed contract from another vendor that your team is already comfortable with? You can share it with us and we might just be able to sign YOUR agreement saving your team hours of legal headache. Or if you don't need a custom contract, that's fine too! Just signup and have our terms of service cover your usage.

    Two ways to use ConveYour

    Brings your existing LMS to life

    ConveYour can integrate with your LMS in several ways.

    Realize way better ROI's on your existing, large LMS courses.

    Automatically push out ConveYour lessons 2 weeks after a learner finishes your larger course to test their comprehension.

    Use ConveYour as your nimble assessment tool.

    Use our gamification features and engagement formats to quickly test employees knowledge on a topic. Use the results to inform larger investments in your LMS.

    Integrate ConveYour directly inside your LMS user experience to increase learning and engagement.

    Stands alone as your modern training solution

    ConveYour can be a replacement to your existing LMS system.

    Micro-lessons actually deliver deeper learning.

    It’s not about less content being in a course, it’s about delivering smaller learning experiences that are effortful in nature. The learner isn't just skimming and reading. They are engaging with the content.

    High completion and engagement is only achieved by aligning with human behavior. ConveYour can be your choice in accomplishing this.

    Here are case study results of ConveYour being used for delivering a full training course....

    • Three companies experienced 76-100% completion of the same 30 lesson course that was made optional
    • Each lesson contained a video and assessment that gave variable points based on speed and accuracy of answering
    • Each lesson was dripped daily for 30 days with an SMS notification with link going out each day
    • Each learner had access to the leaderboard to see their progress with others in real-time from the portal on their phone.