ConveYour has a light-weight task management system to help you and your team be super productive.

  • Assign team members to tasks
  • Set due dates with auto email reminders to all that are assigned
  • Search and filter by due date or assignee

Get Started

  • Open a contact's profile
  • Select "tasks" tab in the contact's profile
  • create some tasks!

Creating Tasks in a Contact profile

Task Settings

Once you have created a task, click on the little "gear" icon. From the dropdown you can...

  • Set a due date for the task
  • Assign the task to your teammates (other users)
  • Temove the task

Task Reminders

Email reminders will be sent to all users assigned to a task about 15 minutes before it is due.

Reviewing Tasks

You can review tasks across all contacts.

From the main menu, select Tasks..

Tasks Menu

Filter by assignee and by due date. Click on the contact's name to slide in their profile.

Filtering tasks

ConveYour let's you engage, train, and influence your people all from a single platform.

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