Sharing & Embedding Metrics

ConveYour let's you share any metric you create with your community. You can simply share the URL or you can use the two line embed code that we provide.

So what sort of numbers can you share and why would you want to embed them?

Well, here are some great examples of how you can leverage the numbers you have in your ConveYour.

Show Social Proof with Standings

So you are running a fun, interactive ConveYour campaign/competition. You have tons of people participating in your challenge. You could embed the weekly challenge standings into your challenge landing page to show social proof to new prospects!

ConveYour embedded metrics

Close that Feedback Loop

Let's say you are running a more personal coaching challenge for a group, built with ConveYour, for a bunch of clients. You could create a login page for them (say in your Wordpress site) where they could see a detailed report of their ongoing results or standings.

Wow Organizations, Companies & VP's

Ok, taking the last example even further. Let's say you are doing an ongoing training program for a company and you wanted to create a comprehensive dashboard for this company's VP's and stakeholders showing them the participant's results in aggregate. You can do this with ConveYour!

How to Share Results or Metrics

Open metrics list for the group >

Metrics button on groups menu

See: Select the method by which you wish to display the data >

data display type

Get: Select the type of data you want to get and show. Choose from data types like simple count, overall totals, averages, etc. >

data get

For: Select the subgroups for which this data can be differentiated. For example, you may have different divisions participating in the same challenge >

For whom

By: (default is set to which subgroups this was set - usually you will not need to set this)

Now check the button next to Add to Dashboard > Add metrics to dashboard

And when you hit save, the system will prompt you to give your chart a name >

name metrics data chart

Get Sharing Link or Code

Now when you hit save, you see your results pop up. Next, you want to click the gear icon in the top left corner of your desired metric, and choose Share/Embed >

Metric settings

Copy the URL or the embed code >

Metric embed copy/paste

ConveYour let's you engage, train, and influence your people all from a single platform.

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