Placement Challenge Questions

Placement Challenges

Placement challenge

  • Players have to drag words to the correct areas in an image.
  • Players can keep submitting their placements until they get the right answer.
  • Players loose points each time they submit the wrong order.

NOTE : This type of question requires some geek powers to setup the image placement map. We can help!


  • You can subtract points per wrong order submission with Wrong Answer
  • When the player get's the right answer they get points based on max points
  • So the final score is like max points - wrong attempts * wrong answer points

Use cases

  • Place these words into the diagram
  • Name these people (showing portraits of say 4 historical figures)


  • Because placement challenges aren't a simple multiple choice, it's best if you set the wrong answer amount to something reasonable. It make take players many tries to get the order right depending on the difficulty. The points structure is all up to you! Have fun with it.