Introduction to Metrics

What are Metrics?

The Metrics system allows you to build custom graphs & visualizations! Metrics are useful in comparing results for groups of participants in a campaign. You can analyze the data, or share it with the group.

  • Metrics are created within a group's record
  • Create rankings, pie, bar, and total visualizations
  • Metrics are real time.

From Main Menu go to your Groups area. (It's helpful if you have a group or two set up! For more information on groups visit the help documentation on groups). Introduction to Groups

Metrics can be viewed and created from a Group's menu: Open metrics list for the group >

Metrics button on groups menu

You can also add metrics that you create to your dashboard. The dashboard is accessed from: Main Menu > Reporting > Metrics


Which brings you to your metrics dashboard:

Sample Metrics Dashboard

NOTE: Initially, your dashboard will be blank until you have created some metrics to be displayed there and added to the dashboard. ;)

For More Information:

Learn how to create metrics and share the results here:

-Creating Metrics and Sharing Results

For quick high-level information on your audience's engagement with a campaign's content:

-The Engagement Funnel

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