Importing Contacts

You can import a list of contacts to work with, or add some individually. Adding contacts individually is easy, simply go to Contacts > Add Contact and enter their First Name, Last Name Mobile Number and Email. Select messaging to SMS, which is the default. But notice that you can skip adding mobile number and set the messaging preference to Email only - which can be helpful for courses or campaigns in which the recipients want only to receive messages via email.

Importing contacts from a list is a different story.

Prepping Your Data

You probably have an email software you use everyday to correspond via email. Whether it's Microsoft office, Mac Mail, MailChimp, SharpSpring, or web-based email like Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo. In any case, you will have a way to export your list of contacts. Even if you have more than one account. you will be able to export a spreadsheet of contacts, and import them all in to ConveYour for easier contact management.

For all email providers the process is generally the same, you export contacts into a spreadsheet called a .CSV file. The CSV file might be familiar to those of you who use spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel or Google sheets. All it is, is columns and rows of data - in this case, contact information data.

Your primary job will be to translate this data into recognizable fields that ConveYour can import so you retain the columns of data you need for your work and messaging strategy.

Generally - you need to export contacts to a .CSV (or “comma separated values”) file. The exporting process is different for all email clients. Links are provided in this help section below with some of the more popular email clients - on how to export contacts as a .CSV spreadsheet.

After exporting the .csv file, it's helpful to look at your .CSV to become familiar with your data and fields.

  • line 1 of your CSV should be your header
  • line 2+ should hold your data

Here is an example of a valid CSV (comma separated values):

first_name,last_name,email John,"Van Winkle",[email protected]

NOTE: Making a copy of your original spreadsheet of data and modifying the copy instead of the original will ensure you aren't eliminating any information you might need later for those contacts.

If you noticed your common fields are more detailed and not shortened one-word descriptions (for example First Name and not just “FIRST”, and E dash mail Address - not just “EMAIL.”) - You should be okay with these common fields because ConveYour logic knows how to easily match these as - First name, Last name, Email and mobile. ConveYour can easily map these - because they are typical fields.

It's helpful to delete columns of data that may not be useful to the work you plan to do in ConveYour. For example, if the physical mailing address columns are not important for my email or text messaging campaigns, I could eliminate those columns.

NOTE: Some columns you will want to keep that could be differentiating factors for grouping your contacts, such as regional office or location.

Adding Additional Fields

Now is a good time to look at the columns that are left in the spreadsheet that's ready to be uploaded to ConveYour, and head to the profile bubble in your left pop up menu and click on Fields in this new section.

More > Settings > Fields > Contact Info

Contact Fields

Click on the top Bucket here for "contact info" and scroll to the bottom where you'll see "add field".

Add a field for each column of your spreadsheet that you do not see in ConveYour such as role, location, or regional office, that is necessary for your contact sorting. This helps ConveYour match what's in your spreadsheet to what you plan to upload.

Importing Your Contacts

Importing your contacts into ConveYour is super easy and fast. Please watch this video to make sure you get a nice, clean import!

Big imports? No problem!

Our import tool has handled single imports of 3+ million records!

Worried about duplicates?

We "automagically" merge records with the same email address. So if you import from one data source then import from another, we can match up the records. $Mobile is also a unique field in ConveYour that can be used to merge records.

Also, if you have a special field that uniquely identifies your contacts somehow let us know! We can turn that field into a "key" that can help make merging data easier in the future.

Helpful articles as of 6/20/18:

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