Groups Introduction

What are they?

Groups are a powerful way for you to segment your contacts. A group record is basically a saved set of conditions. With groups you can divide up your contacts by event, company, location, interest, engagement level. The sky's the limit.

They are dynamic

Groups do not save a static list of contacts they save only the condition/query to lookup contacts on the fly. Groups only select the contacts that match their condition at any given time.

Want to lookup only the contacts that have seen you speak on a specific topic? You can create a group with a condition like, "event" "contains" topic. Now you can go to that group to view contacts that match this condition right now.

Note : Groups get really powerful when you combine them with custom fields or conditional statements.

Where do I go?

Go to Main Menu > Groups

Groups in menu

How do I start creating a Group?

You can start creating a group from the /groups page.

Create a group

You can also create new groups by clicking "Create Group" from the menu from the contacts sheet.

Create Group from contact sheet

Use case example:

Let's say you run a sales team and you have multiple regions you manage such as:

  • Southwest
  • Eastern
  • Central

You could create three groups with the following conditions

  • region = Southwest
  • region = Eastern
  • region = Central

Now, if you imported an updated list of contacts where you refreshed your sales team members' region, then the count on each of your groups would go up and down depending on the refreshed region values of your latest import. You can send specific messaging to each regional group, using the group's submenu.

You see? There is no need to go through each contact in ConveYour, one, by one and move them to a different member group every time, they are automatically pulled into the group because they have met a condition.

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