Send a Triggered Email

Send a Triggered Email

Emails can be scheduled to go out to your audience as part a campaign, or by using a group menu.

You can:

  • Setup an email to be sent automatically.

  • Schedule email delivery based on date/time or when certain contact conditions are met.

  • Personalize your email subject line and message body with placeholders...

Don't be scared of placeholders. They are easy to discover. Just start typing two curly brackets {{, then start typing a field name and you will start seeing available placeholders appearing below.

Use Cases

  • Drip email campaign
  • Create a 7 day email messaging course
  • Automate re-engagement! Have a member site or e-learning Course? Use email automation to re-engage members that haven't been seen for a while!

From A Campaign

Set up a series of email messages from within ConveYour's campaigns. From Campaigns > Triggers select + Add New Content or Automation. When presented with options, under Messaging, choose Send Email.


Choose this format? Click Yes.

Then, simply name your trigger, setup your message, and set the timing.

Choose your timing on when you prefer the audience for this campaign should receive this email.

Use placeholders to personalize your subject line and your greeting.

Don't be afraid of placeholders! Simply start typing two curly brackets and you can be prompted with options that will fill from your database when sent. This ensures your messages reach a person and doesn't feel so much like a general email blast.

Message a Group

NOTE: In this case - the email is not triggered. It will go out immediately when you hit send.

After you have created a group of contacts that matches certain criteria you have set, or created a tag group you can send that group of people an email. Simply click on Email in your group's menu:


Select which sender should be used, choose an email template if you have one to use, or just start typing the body of the message. You can send a test message to yourself, before it goes out. Then click send - and you have just sent an email to a custom group of contacts.



  • For great reusibility, compose your emails first within snippets. Then drop your snippets into your email's body. Snippets allow you to save frequently sent material or information, and re-use!

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