Add Contact to Another Campaign

Adding Contacts to Campaigns Using Automations

Sketch Adding contacts to other campaigns

Join a contact to another campaign automatically when certain timing and contact conditions are met.

Use Cases

  • Your attendees played a ConveYour challenge with you at your event. After, you want to add your most engaged audience members to another 15-day challenge after the event is over.

  • You are running one challenge and you want to create an opt-in question to another challenge, email course, etc.

Add Existing Contacts to a Campaign

You can add a contact, one at a time to campaigns by using invite tools from your campaign.

Go to Main Menu > Campaigns

Select Invite Tools from the Campaign's menu:


scroll down to the bottom for "Quick Add":


When prompted, add conditions such as last name is _______________, or email is ___________________ and conduct a search for that contact.:


Then, add them by clicking on the arrow to the right side of their name as it is found in the database:


The system will ask you to confirm your selection:


Click confirm, and that's it! They should then receive their welcome confirmation message, and be able to access their portal for the engagement formats/triggers you have created in that campaign.

You can also add groups of contacts, by leveraging Group Triggers

Learn about setting up groups, and then once you have created your group of contacts, use the Group Triggers tool to add them all to a campaign.

Go to Main Menu > Groups

Select Triggers from your Group's menu:


Select Add New Content or Automation:


Scroll to Automate Internal Things and click Add Contact to Campaign:


Under Basic Settings - name this group automation for later reference, such as Add San Diego 3-2019 to Follow-up. Then, You can customize the welcome messaging under Customize Confirmations. Keep in mind, this custom welcome message will override the confirmation message you have already set in your campaign. It's good practice to set both SMS and EMAIL confirmations (in case the contact has not provided you with a mobile number, the system can leverage their email which is always required):


VERY IMPORTANT: select WHEN you would like the group to be joined to the campaign. If you don't make a setting here - they could be joined right away, (immediately) and if it's and awkward time, choose a better time and/or date for them to be joined to the campaign. Select When Someone Matches This Group, and select a date and time:


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