5 Ways You Can Boost Your Marketing ROI with ConveYour Today


"We get it. We’ve been there, completely overwhelmed at all the different platforms and avenues for online marketing. That’s why we developed ConveYour and created software to help facilitate our strategies." You’ve heard the stories. Maybe you even seek them out, obsessively consuming tales of Internet marketers who make millions off their sites, Noah Kagan-style. Everywhere you turn, you hear about entrepreneurs enjoying explosive success with their podcasts or growing their email lists by the tens of thousands. And now you’re done spectating. You’ve got expertise you want to share, and you want in on this online marketing action. The thing is, you’re not sure where to start. There are countless tools and articles out there, but that’s part of the problem. All of the how-to guides and tutorials just become noise, and despite hours of reading, you’re no closer to launch. Besides, even though there’s value in learning from others’ success, their stories aren’t yours. The platform that made them Internet millionaires may not suit your product or audience. You have to go with what works for you – if you can figure out what that is. We get it. We’ve been there, completely overwhelmed at all the different platforms and avenues for online marketing. That’s why we developed ConveYour and created software to help facilitate our strategies. Now we’ll walk you through five ways in which you can use our platform to effectively reach and sell to your audience. But a quick word before we dive in. When you read these stories about marketers growing their lists to astronomical numbers or making bank online, it's easy to think you'll start making sales as soon as you send traffic to your site! Don’t make this mistake. Less than one percent of your unique visitors will buy the first time they’re on your site. Unless they’re buying something really specific, like snow shovels or other simple outdoor gear, you’ll need to develop a relationship with them before they convert. These five strategies will help you do that.

1. X Day Email Course

When someone signs up for your email list, you want to leverage their interest and stay top-of-mind. You can use ConveYour’s system to schedule a series of emails that will go out to them over the course of the next three to 10 days. Some companies push daily emails after someone’s signed up, while others space them out. The frequency really depends on your product and strategy. These emails keep people engaged in your company, and they’re a great opportunity to provide free value. Include helpful tips and information so that prospects stick around as you build toward a sale. Once the drip email series finishes, send out a case study, followed by testimonials, and then invite them to sign up for a free trial. This is the same process you’d use in a face-to-face interaction – start with a welcome and introduction, then gradually work up to your pitch. Here’s what a drip email campaign might look like:

  • Day 1: Welcome and introduction to the brand.
  • Day 2: Identify the problem.
  • Day 3-5: Offer tips on how to fix the issue and discuss how your company can help.
  • Day 6: Call to action – sign up for a free trial or purchase your product.

2. Gated Product

Gated content is a great way to draw prospects further into your marketing funnel. Prospects will often give you their emails in exchange for a free ebook or case study that helps them in their businesses or personal lives. ConveYour allows you to set automatic email responses with the download link or to redirect them to the appropriate PDF as soon as they sign up.

3. Video Sequence

Video has become quite popular in marketing strategies because it’s extremely user-friendly. The visual element keeps people’s attention, and it feels personal and interactive. Video also allows you to consistently reinforce key concepts if you create a short series around a topic. Not everyone has two hours a day to watch instructional videos. But you can create a 15-day course in which you email short video segments, infographics, and text to participants during the next two weeks. It’s a full e-learning course, but spread out over time, similar to drip emails. People are more likely to watch all of the videos when they’re sent in this format, and they’ll retain more of the information as well. ConveYour simplifies the video creation process by allowing you to post the videos directly to our platform and easily share them with your users.

4. Interactive Assessment

This method has two purposes: to let people see where they need to improve and to increase interest in your paid products. Help users evaluate benchmarks such as their SaaS stats, MRR, and churn rates in confidential reports, then show them how they stack up against other companies. Once you’ve listed the work they need to do, highlight how your product or service can assist them in achieving their goals.

5. Viral Challenge

Everyone loves a quiz, as BuzzFeed so often proves. ConveYour lets you create games of your own, in which prospects and course participants can earn points for completing and sharing quizzes. You can offer weekly or monthly prizes to further incentivize people to play and include their friends. Fun campaigns like this attract more students to your courses and ultimately to your paid products. If you’re interested in how you can use one or more of these strategies to boost your content, click this link and schedule your free 30-minute consultation. Like we said earlier, we’ve been in your shoes, and we can help get your marketing strategy where it needs to be.

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